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Course Overview


1.Insight into Marketing & Business Fundas

One can’t be a digital Marketer unless he/she learns how to market product and services.

website creation

2. Student’s Business Model Presentation, Discussion & Improvement Session

Everyone has a dream in eyes and We will here discuss each dream in full detail and along with that we will make rectification to your idea that you want to implement and make you unstoppable.


3. A to Z on Digital Marketing

You cant swim until you know to what is water actually.

website creation

4. Website Creation & Making Digital Identity

Website is like an Aadhaar Card in Digital world without it you are NIL


5. Search Engine Optimization/ SEO

If you want to hide a dead body, do it at the page 2 of Google.

keyword stuffing

6. Keyword research and manipulation

Keyword is the currency used in the word of SEO

content writing

7. Becoming a Blogger

Blogging is on rise in past decade and this industry is one of the biggest industry in digital marketing ,blogging helps in SEO as well, So why not to put hands on keyword and become a blogger.


8. Content marketing

“Content is the atomic particle of all digital species” Here we teach you how to create content to gain traffic on your website.

link bulding

9. Link Building like a Master

“Building links is like networking ,more people you know more your trust is “

local seo

10. Local SEO with Hacks

With Local SEO the world has got smaller and now any one can freely target local traffic and increase their sale and revenue in minutes.

website dovelopment

11. HTML with CSS from Scratch

With HTML anyone can make smooth web-pages that loads in seconds and are bug-less.

website speed management

12. Page Speed and Page Redirection

1.) Bounce Rate. 2.) Dwell time. 3.) How to increase dwell time. 4.) How to decrease bounce rate. 5.) AMP integration. 6.) Page redirection and uses.

website management

13. Web Schematics

How to co-relate all the marketing terms and application to make a logical decision. We believe just by learning tools no one can become a good professional digital marketer hence we provide you the mindset to implement each concept in a right manner to gain desired output in you business or work.

pay per click

14. Google Adwords/ P.P.C

Here we teach everything about PPC (Pay Per Click) ads as google greatly determines what people purchase and we here show you ways to be at the top at a very less bidding price.

google adsense

15. Google Adsense tutorial

1.) What is Adsense. 2.) How to get Adsense account approved by Google. 3.) Using Adsense. 4.) Monetizing Blog and Youtube using Adsense.

graphic design

16. Attractive graphics with Canvas

Creating attractive graphics is must if one wants to attract people to social media account, website or a blog. We teach you Canvas latest and updated tools to create best-edited photos and make a mark everywhere.


17. Affiliate Marketing & Money making

Using affiliate marketing in the boom of E-commerce is like a blessing, more the clicks more the commission and more heavy pocket you have.

smm creation

18. Social Media Marketing/ SMM

Social media marketing is most impact creating marketing method to get more audience,

video editing

19. Video Production & Editing like a Pro

We here teach you what it takes to shoot various kinds of video along with live demo for one day and moreover a class on Camera technicalities.

email marketing

20. E-Mail Marketing

Emails are free but cost you a lot if landed inside spam box,we teach you how to built great e-mail list and create great e-mail so that no one can afford to ignore the e-mail.

Facebook ads

21. Facebook ADs

Facebook advertisements are important for businesses because they allow you to target a specific audience.

YouTube strategy

22. YouTube Marketing strategy

Create a YouTube channel for business, Learn about your audience, Research your competition, Learn from your favourite channels, Optimize your videos to get views, Upload and schedule your videos, Optimize your channel to attract followers,Try YouTube advertising.

data analyise

23.Web- Analytics

Here you get to know how to play with data and analyse them to get the information and feedback for your work in online world. We teach you how to read graphs ,how to analyse numbers and use them for your own benefits


24. Freelancing

Want to be your own boss and hate 9-5, Freelancing is for you ,Here we teach you all about that

google adscence

25. Get hired at your will and Create a SEO optimized Resume

Getting a job in digital Marketing or any where else as well will now be an easy task after our training on job interview and then building a SEO friendly resume so that you resume comes first on every job portal in the world.

data analysis

26. Communication & Leadership Session

1.) How to speak so that others listen 2.) How be a inspiring leader 3.) Communication tips to become best in the league

market sales funnel

27. Sales training and Interview Mocks

1.) How to sell anything. 2.) Communicating with the client. 3.) Interview training. 4.) Interview mocks and demos.

data analyise

28. Final Presentation & Doubt Clearance session

You present what you got in the journey with The AIM Digital, the idea you choose, the website you made,the methods you used to market your idea and the result you got all that in a presentation and then you grab eligibility for life time doubt clearance and free consultancy.

personality development

29. Personality Development

Personality development is the relatively enduring pattern of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from each other.

mobile marketing

30. Mobile Marketing

1. Make your site mobile friendly 2. Create mobile friendly content. 3. Take your brand to mobile users. 4. Get local with Google My Business. 5. Use text message (SMS) marketing. 6. Make your site navigable. 7. Add a personal touch.

An Outdoor Vlogging Classes In Rishikesh

We organized a BOOTCAMP which helped students to learn more about Digital Marketing and our Institute.
BOOTCAMP is an idea to go with new energy and to move ahead in the new atmosphere.
Bootcamp 1.0 boosted us for the next one.
The ideology was to get sponsorship so that we could take our next Bootcamp outside and away from home to get new energy.
In the next BOOTCAMP, We found Go Vacations and planned to take our students to Rishikesh.
After this amazing trip and successful organization of two BOOTCAMPS, we are here with the third one to provide you with an all-new ideology. We at BOOTCAMP 3.0 are providing you with an internship opportunity without taking anything from you.
Features of BOOTCAMP 3.0
1. To gain new energy.
2. To get along with new students.
3. Targeting a new audience.
4. Searching for new talent

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